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CHS 2021-2022 Academic Awards Assembly

Posted Date: 05/19/2022

CHS 2021-2022 Academic Awards Assembly

Celeste High School held an academic awards assembly on May 18, 2022 to recognize students in grades 9th-12th for outstanding academic performance throughout the 2021-2022 school year.  During the assembly, students were acknowledged for academic excellence in all core specific courses as well as extracurricular achievements.



High School Academic Awards Assembly 2022 Photo Slideshow
High School Academic Awards Assembly 2022 Photo Gallery‚Äč

2021-2022 CHS Individual Academic Awards

Perfect Attendance
Luke Beadles
Koby Brown
Robert Davis
Rustin Giles
Kendall Hanson 


Mr. Dillard & Mr. Wilson
Ag Mechanics & Technology: Cash Ottwell, Logan Spoonemore
Ag Design & Fabrication: Aiden Shuptrine, Justin Riskey Principles of Agriculture: Tess Duckworth, Linda Beth Norwood Ag Leadership: Paris Walker Ag Equipment & Design: Donovan Lyday, Brody Pryor AgriBusiness Management: Justin Richey


Mr. Moore
Art 1: Gavin McDaniel
Art 2: Ronnie Russell Art 3: Resha Brown Art 4: Kain Bell

AP Art: Sarahmaya Zarate
Yearbook: Brandon Lewis


Mrs. Brown 
Business Management: Lauren Tenney
Graphics: Emma Davis Advanced Graphics: Kalyn Riley, Faolin Wilhelm
Animation: Bryce Welch


Mrs. Waller
Honors Chemistry: Luke Beadles, Koby Brown
Chemistry: Emma Davis, Andrew Adkison Biology: Linda Beth Norwood
Anatomy & Physiology: Brody Pryor


Coach Hooks
Scientific Research/Design: Aiden Shuptrine Physics: Ally D’Amico, Justin Sherwin
IPC: Trinidad Delgado


Coach Elliott
Precalculus: Justin Sherwin, Paris Walker Honors Geometry: Koby Brown Geometry: Meah Garza
Financial Math: Kain Bell, Kamryn Young


Coach A Evans 
Honors Algebra 2: Koby Brown
Algebra 2: Andrew Adkison Honors Algebra: Sarah Hawkins Algebra: Brock Stewart


Coach Holmes
World Geography: Tess Duckworth
P.E. : Emmett Jackson Government: Dale Floyd Economics: Sarahmaya Zarate


Mr. Hill 
U.S History: Braylee Adams
Honors World History: Luke Beadles
World History: Devin Nickell


Mrs York 
Honors English 2: Luke Beadles English 2: Logan Marston
English 4: Kasey Paulson


Mrs. York 
Honors English 1: Linda Beth Norwood
English 1: Brailyn Hise
English 3: Logan Spoonemore, Alex De La Hoya


Mr. Norton
Theatre: Faolin Wilhelm
Debate: Hayleigh Thomas
Principals of Education: Kasey Paulson