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District 14-AA One-Act Play Awards

Posted Date: 03/08/2022

District 14-AA One-Act Play Awards

The Celeste High School Theatre Company presented Over the River and Through the Woods by Joe DiPietro in the District 14-AA One-Act Play competition.  The play brought home an Alternate trophy and several individual awards.  Jackson Shuptrine and Aiden Richerson were awarded Honorable Mention bronze medals and Emma Davis and Connor Thomas were awarded All-Star Cast silver medals.  Gage Harmon was awarded Outstanding Technician.  The cast included Jackson Shuptrine, Aiden Richerson, Faolin Wilhelm, Connor Thomas, Emma Davis, and Lauren Tenney.  The crew included Demee Mize, Aidan Shuptrine, Gage Harmon and Kylie Dunn.  The play was directed by Celeste High School theatre teacher, Luke Norton.  “Though our season wrapped up sooner than we would have liked, we are very proud of the work that we have done, and I am very grateful for the many weeks of effort in rehearsal our students put forth,” Mr. Norton stated. 

One-Act Play Over the River and Through the Woods Photo Gallery 

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