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Elementary Writing Contest

Posted Date: 02/05/2019

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In celebration of the 100th day of school, an anonymous supporter sponsored an essay contest for all the elementary students.  The sponsor graciously gave $200 which was divided among fourteen writers.  The topic for the essay was “I can show love and appreciation to my ________.”  One essay from each home room was chosen and received $10.  The homeroom essays then were divided into three categories of pre-k – first grade, second – third grade and fourth – fifth grade.  A panel of judges selected one essay from each category to earn an additional $20.  The winners were announced on the 100th day of school and results are as follows:

Homeroom $10 Winners:
Mrs. Hall’s Pre-K: Harper Ray
Ms. Zachary’s Kindergarten: Jubilee Parker
Ms. Stevens’ Kindergarten: Wyatt Miller
Mrs. Shaw’s 1st Grade: Everly Ford
Mrs. Offill’s 1st Grade: Lily Shipman
Mrs. Kent’s 2nd Grade: Sky Nichols
Mrs. Pettit’s 2nd Grade: Gage Otwell
Mrs. Webb’s 3rd Grade: Kennedy Holt
Mrs. Parrish’s 4th Grade: Cyrus Ford
Mrs. Wehring’s 4th Grade: Payton Roberts
Mrs. Rhoden’s 5th Grade: Avery Russell

Grand Prize $30 Winners:
Mrs. Gatliff’s Pre-K: Phoebe Palmer
Mrs. Campbell’s 3rd Grade: Colin Wilhelm
Mrs. Adamson’s 5th Grade: Sydnee Dickens

Writing Contest