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Junior High UIL Awards 2019 - 1st place overall with 887 points!

Posted Date: 01/21/2020

Junior High UIL Awards 2019 - 1st place overall with 887 points!

Celeste Junior High UIL Awards 2019

UIL Awards 2019 Slideshow


Art 6:

1st Place Team   (Alex Morrison, Elizabeth Contreras, Kennedy Compton)

6th Place:  Elizabeth Contreras

2nd Place: Alex Morrison

Art 7:

3rd Place:  Regina Orduna


Art 8:

2nd Place Team (Kendall Hanson, Melanie Otero, Chloe Bishop)

2nd Place: Melanie Otero


Calculator 6:

          3rd Place Team  (Alex Morrison, Sydnee Dickens, Joshua Willis)

                   6th Place:  Alex Morrison

Calculator 7:

          3rd Place Team (Aric Timberlake, Miles Lamm, Aidan Oslin)

                   1st Place:  Aric Timberlake

Calculator 8:

          1st Place Team   (Bella Guajardo, Rustin Giles, Luke Beadles)

                   5th Place: Bella Guajardo

                   4th Place: Luke Beadles

                   1st Place:   Rustin Giles


Chess 8:

          1st Place Team   (Rustin Giles, Connor Jordan, Wyatt Noack)

                   6th Place: Wyatt Noack

                   5th Place: Connor Jordan

                   3rd Place:  Rustin Giles


Dictionary 6:

          5th place:  Sydnee Dickens

Dictionary 7:

2nd Place Team: (Sarah Hawkins, Caelin Henderson, Aidan Oslin)

          2nd Place: Sarah Hawkins

Dictionary 8:

          1st Place Team: (Bella Guajardo, Riley Almand, Rustin Giles)

                   5th Place:  Bella Guajardo

                   3rd Place:  Riley Almand

                   1st Place:   Rustin Giles

Editorial Writing 6:

                   2nd Place: Elizabeth Contreras

Editorial Writing 7:

                   6th Place: Caelin Henderson

                   4th Place:  Tess Duckworth

                   1st PlaceMadisson Downs

Editorial Writing 8:

                   6th Place: Kaisley Guadiano

                   2nd Place: Bella Guajardo


Impromptu Speaking 6:

                   5th Place:  Jeny Sanchez

                   4th Place:  Addison Kampwerth


Impromptu Speaking 8:

                   3rd Place:  Kaisley Guadiano

                   1st Place:   Grady Ford


Listening 6:

                   4th Place:  Elizabeth Contreras


Listening 7:

                   6th Place: Ben Mackey


Listening 8:

                   6th Place:  Riley Almand

Maps, Graphs & Charts 6:

          2nd Place Team: Savana Qualls, Addison Kampwerth, Sydnee Dickens

                   6th Place: Addison Kampwerth

                   1st Place:   Sydnee Dickens

Maps, Graphs & Charts 7:

          3rd Place Team: Caelin Henderson, Brailyn Hise, Aidan Oslin


Maps, Graphs & Charts 8:

          1st Place Team:  Bella Guajardo, Rustin Giles, Koby Brown

                   2nd Place: Rustin Giles

                   1st Place:   Bella Guajardo


Mathematics 6:

          2nd Place Team: Alex Morrison, Joshua Willis, Sydnee Dickens

                   4th Place:  Sydnee Dickens

                   3rd Place:  Alex Morrison

Mathematics 7:

          2nd Place Team: Sarah Hawkins, Aidan Oslin, Miles Lamm

                   4th Place: Aidan Oslin


Mathematics 8 :

          2nd Place Team: Nickolas Michka, Koby Brown, Luke Beadles

                   3rd Place:  Koby Brown

Modern Oratory 7:

                   1st Place:   Aric Timberlake

Modern Oratory 8:

                   5th Place:  Grady Ford

                   3rd Place:  Luke Beadles


Music 6:

                   6th Place:  Justin Haddock

Music 8:   

          3rd Place Team: Connor Jordan, Tanner Minter, Cash Otwell, Toby Minter

                   6th Place:  Connor Jordan

Number Sense 6:

          1st Place Team:  Elizabeth Contreras, Sydnee Dickens, Joshua Willis

                   4th Place: Joshua Willis

                   3rd Place:  Elizabeth Contreras

                   2nd Place: Sydnee Dickens

Number Sense 7:

          1st Place Team:  Aric Timberlake, Caelin Henderson, Aidan Oslin

                   3rd Place:  Aric Timberlake

                   2nd Place: Aidan Oslin

                   1st Place:   Caelin Henderson


Number Sense 8:

          1st Place Team:  Bella Guajardo, Koby Brown, Rustin Giles

                   4th Place:  Bella Guajardo

                   2nd Place: Koby Brown

                   1st Place:   Rustin Giles


Oral Reading 6:

                   5th Place:  Remington Barker

                   2nd Place: Jeny Sanchez


Oral Reading 7:

                   4th Place:  Brailyn Hise


Oral Reading 8:

                   6th Place: Luke Beadles

                   5th Place:  Kaisley Guadiano


Ready Writing 6:

                   4th Place:  Jeny Sanchez

                   2nd Place: Remington Barker

Ready Writing 7:

                   4th Place:  Caelin Henderson

                   2nd Place: Tess Duckworth

Ready Writing 8:

                   6th Place:  Jahdai Sanchez

                   5th Place:  Bella Guajardo

                   1st Place:   Kaisley Guadiano


Science 7:

          1st Place Team:  Aric Timberlake, Gage Harmon, Damien Sheek

                   4th Place:  Arick Timberlake

                   3rd Place:  Gage Harmon

Science 8:

          1st Place Team:  Grady Ford, Bella Guajardo, Rustin Giles

                   4th Place:  Grady Ford

                   3rd Place:  Rustin Giles

                   2nd Place: Bella Guajardo


Social Studies 6:

          2nd Place Team: Kaleb Adams, Remington Barker, Sydnee Dickens

                   4th Place Tie:      Reminton Baker/Kaleb Adams


Social Studies 7:

          3rd Place Team: Sarah Hawkins, Quentin Campbell, Caelin Henderson


Social Studies 8:

          3rd Place Team: Riley Almand, Rustin Giles, Connor Jordan

                   6th Place:  Riley Almand

                   3rd Place:  Rustin Giles


Spelling 7:

          3rd Place Team: Alex Morrison, Jeny Sanchez, Joshua Willis

                   5th Place: Alex Morrison

Spelling 8:

          1st Place Team:  Bella Guajardo, Rustin Giles, Riley Almand

                   3rd Place:  Riley Almand

                   2nd Place: Bella Guajardo

                   1st Place:   Rustin Giles

One Act Play:

          2nd Place Play

                   Best Performer:  Lauren Tenney

                   All-Star Cast: Connor Jordan

                   All-Star Cast: Connor Thomas

                   All-Star Cast Honorable Mention:  Marcy Johnson