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Thanks for Giving Blood and Saving Lives

Posted Date: 10/01/2019

Thanks for Giving Blood and Saving Lives

Dear Blood Donors,

Thank you for taking the time on September 26 to donate blood with the American Red Cross. Because of your donation, and the help of the other volunteers, we were able to collect 38 pints of blood. Of course, the real winners are the patients in need of blood. As you know, each blood donation can help save up to three lives. Your donation is truly appreciated by the blood recipients, their loved ones and all of us here at Celeste High School.

Celeste High School senior, Clayton Riley, helped save lives by donating his blood.  Senior, Cheyenne Horton, volunteered to assist with the planning and hosting of the blood drive.  KJ Delancey, Cori Jordan and Ravyn Luna also assisted with the blood drive.