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Junior High takes 1st Place at the Academic UIL District Competition

Posted Date: 12/18/2018

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Celeste Junior High was the overall Academic UIL District Champion with a combined total of 1,062 points!  Students competed in 18 different UIL Academic events at the District Meet that was held on December 6-7. Celeste, Bland, Wolfe City, Honey Grove and Trenton competed in the district contest. Team and individual winners contribute points for each event.  Medals are awarded for 1st-3rd place and ribbons for 4th-6th place in each event, for each grade level. Celeste Junior High students competed in the following events: Art, Calculator Applications, Chess Puzzles, Dictionary Skills, Editorial Writing, Impromptu Speaking, Listening, Maps, Charts & Graphs, Mathematics, Modern Oratory, Music Memory, Number Sense, Oral Reading, Ready Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Spelling. Students also participated in the One Act Play. 


Students and teachers have been preparing for the contest for several months.  “The students and coaches are very dedicated to the Academic UIL events.  The contest provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific skills and it challenges them to think critically and creatively.  This contest complements our academic curriculum and it is a great way to prepare our students for future success,” stated Celeste Junior High Principal Staci Beadles.  Celeste Junior High has captured the overall UIL title in 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2014.


UIL Results 2018

1st place: Celeste JH with 1062 points



7th       5th Kendall Hanson, 4th Melanie Otero

Team: 2nd Choloe Bishop, Toby Minter, Melanie Otero & Kendall Hanson

8th       3rd Regan Adams, 2nd Demee Mize, 1st Faolin Wilhelm

Team: 1st Diego Harrison, Demee Mize, Faolin Wilhelm, Regan Adams, Sydney Terrell



6th:      2nd Sarah Hawkins

7th:  4th Riley Almand, 3rd Anthony Powell

            Team:  2nd Riley Almand, Anthony Powell, Rylee Ford

8th:  5th Demee Mize, 1st Paris Walker

            Team:  1st Preslee Minter, Demee Mize, Paris Walker



6th       4th Sarah Hawkins, 1st Lauren Tenney

            Team:  2nd Lauren Tenney, Sarah Hawkins, Caelin Henderson

7th       6th Nicholas Michka, 2nd Rustin Giles, 1st Bella Guajardo

            Team:  1st Nicholas Michka, Rustin Giles, Bella Guajardo

8th       6th Andrew Adkison, 2nd Braylee Adams, 1st Preslee Minter

            Team:  1st Andrew Adkison, Braylee Adams, Preslee Minter



7th       6th Cash Otwell, 5th Chloe Bishop

            Team:  2nd Cash Otwell, Chloe Bishop, Toby Minter

8th       5th Diego Harrison

            Team:  3rd Diego Harrison, Demee Mize, Ricky Murray, Janiia Moore



6th       6th Sarah Hawkins, 5th Aidan Oslin, 2nd Aric Timberlake

Team: 2nd Sarah Hawkins, Aidan Oslin, Aric Timberlake

7th       4th Luke beadles, 3rd Bella Guajardo, 2nd Rustin Giles

Team: 1st Bella Guajardo, Rustin Giles, Luke Beadles

8th       4th Aiden Giles, 3rd Faolin Wilhelm, 1st Justin Sherwin

Team: 1st Aiden Giles, Faolin Wilhelm, Justin Sherwin



6th       4th Aric Timberlake

            Team:  3rd Aric Timberlake, Aidan Oslin, Miles Lamm

7th       3rd Koby Brown, 2nd Bella Guajardo

            Team:  2nd Bella Guajardo, Kendall Hanson, Koby Brown

8th       3rd Paris Walker, 2nd Justin Sherwin

            Team:  1st Diego Harrison, Paris Walker, Justin Sherwin


6th       3rd Aric Timberlake, 1st Aidan Oslin

            Team:  1st Aric Timberlake, Aidan Oslin, Caelin Henderson

7th       4th Bella Guajardo, 2nd Koby Brown, 1st Rustin Giles

            Team:  1st Bella Guajardo, Koby Brown, Rustin Giles

8th:      1st Justin Sherwin

            Team:  1st Faolin Wilhelm, Justin Sherwin, Michael Connelly


7th       6th Koby Brown, 4th Rustin Giles

Team: 2nd Rustin Giles, Connor Jordan, Koby Brown

8th       4th, Michael Connelly, 3rd Faolin Wilhelm, 1st Justin Sherwin

Team: 1st Faolin Wilhelm, Michael Connelly, Justin Sherwin



6th       6th Caelin Henderson

7th       6th Riley Almand, 1st Rylee Ford

            Team:  1st, Riley Almand, Rylee Ford, Rustin Giles

8th       5th Justin Sherwin, 3rd Andrew Adkison, 2nd Faolin Wilhelm

            Team:  1st Justin Sherwin, Andrew Adkison, Faolin Wilhelm



6th       6th Caelin Henderson, 3rd Sarah Hawkins

Team: 3rd Sarah Hawkins, Caelin Henderson, Aspen Mitchell

7th       3rd Bella Guajardo, 1st Rustin Giles

Team: 1st Bella Guajardo, Rustin Giles, Koby Brown

8th       4th Faolin Wilhelm, 2nd Justin Sherwin, 1st Paris Walker

Team: 1st Faolin Wilhelm, Paris Walker, Justin Sherwin



6th       5th Gavin McDaniel, 2nd Aidan Oslin

Team:  1st Gavin McDaniel, Aidan Oslin, Justin Douglas

7th       2nd Rustin Giles, 1st Bella Guajardo

Team: 1st Rustin Giles, Bella Guajardo, Rylee Ford

8th       3rd Michael Connelly, 2nd Justin Sherwin, 1st Jackson Almand

            Team:  1st Jackson Almand, Michael Connelly, Justin Sherwin



7th:      3rd Luke Beadles

8th:      5th Faolin Wilhelm




6th       5th Lauren Tenney, 4th Maddison Downs

7th       6th Rylee Ford

8th       5th Hayleigh Thomas


6th:      6th Erin Griffis, 2nd Sarah Hawkins, 1st Caelin Henderson

7th:      1st Bella Guardo

8th:      5th Justin Sherwin, 2nd Damaress Rojas



6th:      5th Gage Harmon, 3rd Sarah Hawkins

7th:      3rd Grady Ford

8th:      6th Michael Connelly



7th:      5th Luke Beadles

8th:      3rd Justin Sherwin, 2nd Paris Walker



7th       4th Rustin Giles, 3rd Grady Ford

            Team:  2nd Rustin Giles, Grady Ford, Connor Jordan

8th       2nd Faolin Wilhelm



 All Star Cast - Faolin Wilhelm

Honorable Mention - Lauren Tenney, Demee Mize



Maddison Downs - Ms. Jordan

Lauren Tenney - Victoria


Brayden Fronterhouse - Mr. Jordan

Michael Connelly - Mr. Slater

Demee Mize - Mrs. Slater

Faolin Wilhelm - Abel Merryweather

Stage Crew

Jackson Almand

Aiden Giles

Kristen Bates

Gage Harmon

6th Grade Speaking Events Day

​7th Grade Speaking Events Day

​8th Grade Speaking Events Day